The Why & When of Re-branding

Re-branding is a serious decision. When it is done correctly and for the right reasons it can be one of the most rewarding and valuable investments that a business can make. Unfortunately, re-branding is not without its risks. To make the decision less daunting, there are a few ways to know if it’s time for you to re-brand. It will also help you decide what approach you should consider taking with your new identity.

elk rebrand

Before we get started it’s worth spending a minute to understand what a brand is. Every business, product, place and even person essentially have one. Simply put, a brand is the perceived idea or impression that something creates in the minds of others. When a brand is working well the impression you make aligns with your core & business goals to create a message.

Having a designed visual language for a brand gives you the ability to direct this message to the right market leaving a lasting impression.