WordPress Page Builder with Advanced Custom Fields

I’m a big fan of the Advanced custom fields plugin, not only is it extremely flexible it also handles the job of many plugins in one package so it reduces the need for excess plugins (because you should always keep plugins to a minimum). The code it produces is light weight and you to have control of your HTML, CSS, and JS eliminating the code bloat of most plugins around. Once you learn the basics you’ll find many creative ways coming to use it to provide custom solutions that fulfill your website requirements. It integrates seamlessly into the WordPress backend UI making updates in WordPress once it is set up. All round it’s a win-win for me.


There are many guides on setting up basic custom fields but here’s a technique that I have developed for creating a clean and simple page builder. Yes there are many page builders around but from reviewing these do all excess code bloating your site files, they also have many options that make things not only confusing for the end user making updates but can allow for updates that neglect a style guide and go “off brand”. I’m a firm believer in brand consistency so this is an issue.