The Challenge:

With over 1,000,000 Australian children relying on informal childcare around Australia and a huge market for early childcare training. Clann has built a system that many are calling the uber of childcare. We came aboard to re-brand Clann. Taking a step back, we created an entirely new visual language and identity for the business, one that aligns strongly with their goals and vision for childcare in Australia.

What We Did:

Branding & Visual identity, Logo designGraphic design, style guide,  website design.

The Result:

The brand direction for Clann was developed not only to appeal to both families and child care providers but also to investors, local council and government. The final solution humanises the brand literally giving it a face for the product. While the face is simplified, it gives a level of professionalism and allows for the brand to be extended through its sub-brand elements. The initial reaction to the new brand has been remarkable.