The Challenge:

The rebrand for Murphys Geelong was required to find the perfect balance between engaging a younger modern clientele without alienating any current and loyal patronage. The solution was to focus on the history of the 160-year-old establishment, communicating openly with the locals and remaining true to its heritage. The end result blends the old and the new and returns Murphys Geelong to its traditional pub roots.

What We Did:

Branding & Visual identity, Logo design, Graphic design, Packaging design, Website design, Responsive web development, SEO, WordPress training & maintenance.

The Result

The new identity allows for a wide range of applications and has been extended into a full visual language. The unique Murphys Geelong brand includes a full logo suite for its core brand including extended marketing material and icons. A range of key sub-brands has been developed for the front bar, the dining room, newly developed rooftop bar and various other pivotal promotional events.

Going Digital

With a new brand, comes a new digital presence. Murphys Geelong website has been visually transformed, featuring bookings, lead generating functions landing pages and a beautiful new design. The social media has been reinvigorated with fresh and consistent content to create a unified message across all promotional material. For more information visit the website at