The Challenge:

In conjunction with Deakin University, Pure Ponics had established a successful model for commercially producing food through the Aquaponics process. The next step was to build a brand from the business that would engage and excite it’s intended audience. We worked with Pure Ponics to understand their market and develop a brand and product that would demand attention.

What We Did:

Branding & Visual identity, Logo design, Graphic design, Packaging design, Website design.

The Result:

After creating a beautifully simple yet descriptive logo for Pure Ponics we set out to extend the concept to build a brand. Starting with the packaging, we created individual personalities for each product with a consistent theme. The packaging was fun, engaging while remaining earthy and rustic. Its appearance is unlike its competition and has set itself up to be instantly recognisable.

A Digital Presence:

The website has been given a facelift and a strategic change to be a customer-focused branding tool. The website is perfectly balanced to push the brand further into the future. The website will be launching soon.